Morning Breath
111017 C-PRINT 4X6 INCHES ED. OF 1 + 1 AP

This photographic series documents a selection of my one-night stands, and specifically focuses on images of the following morning. Ranging from 2000 to 2013, the subjects are strangers who chose to spend the night. The face of each one is either out of view or partially obscured, representative of the anonymity presupposed in cruising. The evasive gestures of their bodies, simply in repose or hiding behind limbs and/or bedding, are both playful and personal. The title Morning Breath suggests exposure to the unadorned reality of another person. Waking up next to someone prior to their hygienic ritual reveals vulnerability and exposes the fantasy concealed by last night’s shadows. Instead of presupposing a latent shame for promiscuity, the clear and direct depiction of these encounters encourages more nuanced readings. Each composition proposes an investment in knowing more, and in trying to perceive a more full image of someone who is only allowing a glimpse. The nature of these exchanges concerns the interplay of intimacy and anonymity.